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In the Beginning…

Dear Reader

Good Morning World.

My name is Samantha and I have finally begun to fulfill a promise to blog that I made to myself on my 40th birthday in January and to my congregation in March.

I have no idea what I will be sharing with you all over the coming days, weeks and months as I reflect and laugh at the world around us. 

If you want to know more about me look at my profile as it says it all.

Happily married with one daughter and two doggies, my life as a priest and chaplain, wife and mother is varied, challenging, exciting, tiring and inspiring.  I hope to share some of my frustrations, my loves and my faith with you all.  The fact that you are reading this post is great otherwise I will be typing to myself.  So thank you.  At the beginning of this journey, thank you for reading and for putting up with my little frustrating habits.

Speaking of habits, this year for my Lenten penitence I decided to give up consumerism.  Usually, I give up something nice and tasty (one of my main food groups), something beginning with C – cheese, cake, chocolate, crisps, curry, cola, etc, you get the idea.  This year my C was Consumerism.  But, dear reader, what a disaster that choice has been. 

Giving up buying stuff has been much, much harder than I ever imagined.  And I have totally failed even though we still have a few days of Lent left.  From buying a very expensive Puppy (Mungo) who was instead of a family holiday this year, to buying the latest Nora Roberts, Chasing Fire, (and I will review that at some point), I love to read complete nonsense, it has been a Lenten disaster!

But do you know, I am not really that concerned.  The object of this exercise was one not only of restraint (which has been moderately successful) but one also of breaking habits.  Why do we buy the things we do?  Why do we waste our money on unnecessary items?  Now, I know all my girlfriends out there will laugh out loud and insist that handbags and shoes ARE necessary and I wholeheartedly concur.  BUT I have actually begun to feel guilt again at wasting my money on things I don’t really need but merely want. 

I had fallen into that numbness trap of thinking that frittering my money didn’t really matter.  I know there are starving peeps in this world, I know there is despair and hopelessness and war and poverty.  I know this.  But I hadn’t FELT it in a long time.  This Lent I have begun to feel again.

Perhaps a lesson has been learnt.

That’s all for now folks, I have puppy to feed, a daughter to wake, Easter plans to finish and a bank account to balance, life is full and for that I give thanks.


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