About Me

Dear Reader

This blog will be an attempt to take a light hearted look at the life and work of a Priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church.  I am also a mother to Robina and wife to Scott.  We have two dogs, Mason (a rescue dog from Dundee) and Mungo (a Westie – the puppy).  I am currently Interim Priest-in-Charge at St Ninian’s Episcopal Church, Seaton, Aberdeen as well as Hon Anglican Chaplain at the University of Aberdeen. I did my Masters of Theology at St Mary’s College of Divinity, University of St Andrews as a mature Student and then my ministry training through The Institute of The Scottish Episcopal Church – TISEC.  My curacy was at St John’s in Aberdeen and St Peter’s, Torry. 

I am passionate about my faith, christian theology and my work as a parish priest and student Chaplain.  I love the colour RED especially in nail polish and am addicted to handbags of all shapes and sizes.  I tolerate swimming and walking my dogs for health necessity.  I read fiction constantly – usually complete rubbish that has a good murder, interesting and educational sex scenes and religious intrigue. 

I love to watch action and thriller films at the cinema or snuggled up with my family on the sofa at home – as long as ice cream and popcorn are included in either location I am happy.  I love to craft – knitting is a passion as well as beading and write for the Inspires Magazine as The Crafty Curate.   I have an eclectic taste in music as anyone looking at my Itunes playlists will testify – anything from Beethoven to The Wanted.  Anything I can sing too especially musicals.  I was born to be on the West End but alas Andrew Lloyd Webber did not agree…

My other passions are chocolate and champagne as well as laughing often with family and friends.  I have a secret crush on Indianna Jones and what else?  Oh yes, and I am a frustrated novel writer who knows that deep down when there is time that novel will be written.  But for now…

This blog will be an unofficial lighthearted snapshot at the workings of being a priest in an increasingly secular world as well as (I pray) a humourous view of what it truly means to embody the Holy Trinity of Wife, Priest and Mother!

Any spelling mistakes or, indeed, any mistakes are entirely my own and I apologise.  Being dyslexic and a priest is challenging to say the least – but not as challenging as when I was the world’s worst secretary! Also any opinions or thoughts or statements are entirely my own and do not reflect the Scottish Episcopal Church as a whole.

Every blessing to you and your loved ones, dear reader and, pray, enjoy…


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